• "Werewolf Hookers Attack!"

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    At night they walk the streets in search of prey. But by moonlight, they transform into werewolf hookers and attack! These girls are to die for...

  • "All Hallows' Eve Horror"

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    It's that creepy time of year again...Halloween. And a group of friends have gotten together for a party at an old abandoned and haunted house where an entire family was once murdered. Seems totally safe right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Because not only do the kids decide to play some tricks and ha...

  • Time Killer From Dimension X!

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    Sometimes we all wish we had some time to kill, but what happens when a madman travels from another dimension to kill? How do you stop something from another time or place???

  • Renegade Nuz in Outer Space

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    In the not so distant future, sin and evil threaten the entire universe. But there is hope and salvation from "Renegade Nunz in Outer Space"...

  • Undead Manor
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    Undead Manor

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    "Undead Manor" is a charming facility designed to offer "living" memorials for loved ones. Visit anytime you like, but be warned because you may not leave alive...

  • I Gotta
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    I Gotta

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    Out in the country, no one locks their doors. And no one can hear you scream...

  • "Stillborn"
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    A mother's love has never been so deadly in this follow up to "The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch". This time a killer is resurrected during the aftermath of Malachi's capture by a special FBI task force. Once more, the tortured soul of Lizzie Stillborn (Lisa Vaccaro), breathes life ...

  • "The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch"

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    Over the years, evil has existed in many forms. It has plagued humanity for various reasons. It has died in many ways. And now it has finally been resurrected in "The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch".
    Gregory Miner (Michael Centi), is a young doctor struggling to clear himself of a murder h...

  • "The Lost Campfire Tales"

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    A group of friends decide to go camping on Friday the 13th and engage in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. What could possibly go wrong? It's the 1980's and a masked killer begins a murder spree in order to appease a demonic force. One by one the campers are sacrificed, until one lone survivor strik...